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Chiseling Armored Abs

Q: "I want to know if I follow the Hypertrophy Training for Ectomorphs program and I go twice a week to my Krav Maga lessons (which involve a lot of cardio), then am I facing overtraining and less hypertrophy? Just for info, I'm preparing for the RCMP cadet program. Am I on the right track with this?"

"Thanks a lot. Your work is inspiring."

-Fran├žois C.
Montreal, Quebec

My Answer: Thanks for the compliment. You should be OK, but if you find it taxing on your body, then just do the 10-8-6-15 program twice a week (evenly spaced out) instead of 3 times a week. Also keep the workouts under an hour to avoid overtraining.

Typically, when one regularly engages in martial arts or some other athletic activity, then strength training in the gym twice a week is best. Most people find it to be overtraining if they went to the gym 3 times or more AND played a sport or martial art.

Anyway, good luck with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police!

Q: "I recently read your artic…

Healing Tendonitis with Eccentric Training

Q: "Hi! I'm Rafael and I've read your Strength Training for Fat Loss article on, and I must say it looks very promising. It reminds me of Bruce Lee's strength training. Anyway I'm going to start doing the program you put up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I was wondering what YOU recommend for cardio on Tuesday and Thursday?

"I'm planning on doing 20-30 minutes of H.I.I.T. on the treadmill. You know, 5 minutes warm up then 20 second sprints alternated with 10 second jogs for a total of 12 minutes, followed by a 5 minute cool down. Then followed by 15 minutes of hitting the heavy bag.

I'm just looking for some suggestions. I'm in great cardio shape, but I have stubborn belly fat that I'm trying to lose. I've lost over 60 pounds and still have this belly fat that's so hard to lose! That being I use to hit up a lot of keggers and what not.

"I hope to hear from you as I would greatly appreciate it! I hope…

Four Pull-up Variations

A potpourri of pull-up variations:
Muscle-upL-Sit Pull-upTucked Lever Pull-upCTI Pull-up

The Pull-up Potpourri Routine

Want to work on your pull-ups and widen your lats? The following is a pull-up/back specialization workout called the "Pull-up Potpourri Routine."

The Potpourri Routine is a forgotten bodybuilding workout that predates the invention of sets. It is the 1920's version of German Volume Training and was a favorite of John Grimek. In potpourri training, you perform 10 exercises for a muscle group, but only one set per exercise.

The Potpourri Routine works best as a muscle specialization workout.  So if you wanted to bring up the size of a muscle group lagging in size, you could apply this 10 exercises/1 set each method to a muscle group.

The Potpourri Routine lends itself well to pull-ups, since there are so many variations of the movement.  Here's how a Pull-up Potpourri Workout would look:
Archer pull-upHigh pull-upL-sit pull-upCommando pull-upWide grip pull-upWide grip chin-upMedium grip pull-upMedium grip chin-upClose grip pull-upClose grip chin-up
Keep sets for all …

How to do Muscle-ups

Q:What do you think of muscle-ups?  I'm not able to do a muscle-up, even though I can do 10-15 strict pull-ups.  Any advice on how to do them?

My Answer: Muscle-ups are a great multiple compound movement, sort of like a calisthenic version of the clean and jerk.  It takes quite a bit of explosive strength to do the muscle-up.  Unfortunately it is very hard on the joints, namely the elbows and shoulders.  Repetitive muscle-ups (along with kipping pull-ups) are responsible for a lot of CrossFit injuries.
That said if you want to build the strength to do clean bar muscle-ups, then I would focus on three exercises:

L-sit pull-upsWaist pull-upsStraight bar dips.

Practice the L-sit pull-up, pulling the bar to your chest.  Over time, pull the bar farther and farther down your torso, from your chest to your stomach and eventually to your waist.

At this point it would become a high pull-up, also known as a waist pull-up or an explosive pull-up.  Think of the movement as a pull-up…