8 Exercises Using Thor's Hammer

Thor's Hammer is a great tool to build grip strength, develop the forearms and strengthen the rotator cuff. Here are 8 of my favorite exercises using Thor's Hammer:

1) Forward Lever
2) Reverse Lever
3) Side to Side Lever
4) External / Internal Front Rotation
5) External / Internal Side Rotation
6) Helicopters
7) Hammer Pullover
8) Shoulder Cast

How to Increase Your Push-ups for the Academy

Q:My name is Chris; not sure if this email address is still monitored, but I was hoping you had some time to answer a couple questions and concerns regarding the article you wrote on a couple years back entitled Return to Copland: Strength Training for the Professional Warrior.

I am a 24 year old male from South Jersey and I am about 5' 10" and weigh around 145-150. I go to the gym 3 to 5 times a week and try to run or get some form of cardio in around 5 times a week. I am also desperately trying to gain weight which has been a very difficult obstacle for me. 

Currently, I am in the hiring process to become a New Jersey State Trooper; I have passed their physical fitness test and the next step is to pass the written examination being held in the coming weeks. I did fairly well on the fitness test I scored a 19 out of 21 possible points, but I feel as though I definitely could've done a better job, and I don't think how I did will cut it in the academy. 

One Arm Bench Dips


Body drag upright rows

Also known as the armpit row, this version of the dumbbell upright row is easier on the shoulder joint:

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss


Chiseling Armored Abs

Q: "I want to know if I follow the Hypertrophy Training for Ectomorphs program and I go twice a week to my Krav Maga lessons (which involve a lot of cardio), then am I facing overtraining and less hypertrophy? Just for info, I'm preparing for the RCMP cadet program. Am I on the right track with this?"

"Thanks a lot. Your work is inspiring."

-Fran├žois C.
Montreal, Quebec

My Answer: Thanks for the compliment. You should be OK, but if you find it taxing on your body, then just do the 10-8-6-15 program twice a week (evenly spaced out) instead of 3 times a week. Also keep the workouts under an hour to avoid overtraining.

Typically, when one regularly engages in martial arts or some other athletic activity, then strength training in the gym twice a week is best. Most people find it to be overtraining if they went to the gym 3 times or more AND played a sport or martial art.

Anyway, good luck with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police!

Q: "I recently read your artic…